Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Sardinia, where Italy Meets Spain

Can’t decide whether to go to Spain or Italy this year? Go to Sardinia and you get the best of both and food to die for.

Just out of town, at Le Pinnette, a restaurant at the Monte Sixeri agriturismo, we were served some of the best suckling pig I have ever had, known locally as maialetto. The crackling was as crisp as slabs of toffee apple and the flesh tasted like milk – not surprisingly, since that was all the animal had ever eaten. When we asked about its provenance, we were invited to go and meet its mother and eight-week-old siblings in the farmyard behind the restaurant, not something that has ever happened to me in the UK. The Algherese are certainly serious about their food – there seem to be more decent restaurants here per head than almost anywhere else in Italy.

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