Monday, 26 January 2009

The Sweet Taste of Sardinia: BA High Life Magazine

The slow-food movement has hit this Italian island with a vengeance. Lucy Cavendish travelled with Just Sardinia and is impressed...‘This is how we feel about our country,’ said our guide. ‘We love it, we protect it and we use everything’.

We spent one night in the Sardinian countryside near a town called Abbasanta, at the truly peaceful Mandra Edera Organic Farm . On arrival, we were greeted by the sight of three beautiful Anglo-Arab horses being ridden through fields by three equally striking Sardinian men. Having driven through the lush grounds, we reached the main farm, which is surrounded by a collection of guest bungalows and a pretty pool....

We had spent the end of our three-day trip driving slowly through the central Sardinian mountain range to a wonderful hotel, Su Gologone, near the town of Oliena. This was as close to the Costa Smeralda as we were going to get and yet it felt rustic, not glitzy.
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