Thursday, 12 February 2009

Delicacy of Sardinia?!

Test your Palate in the Saturday Times written by Jane Knight includes Casu Marzu - a cheese full of live maggots. Yet the sheep's cheese casu marzu or casgiu merzu, although illegal in many coutnries for health reasons, is thought of as a delicacy in Corscia and Sardinia, its creamy texture revered (as long as you don't munch on a maggot). Just don't eat it when the maggots are dead because that means it's toxic. Eat it at Ristorante Sagittario in Trinita d'Agultu near Isola Rossa which is just 5km away. Just Sardinia offer a week's bed & breakfast at the Hotel Corallo in Isola Rossa from £252pp excluding flights. Car hire is available from about £164 for the week.