Friday, 1 May 2009

Sartiglia Horse Event in Sardinia on Sky

At the end of February, Mark Jennings from (from the Just Sardinia TV/Travel Guru film shoot) went to Sardinia to film the ‘Sa Sartiglia’ festival in Oristano – the most spectacular and choreographed carnival in Sardinia! It is an equestrian event with ancient origins in which brave horsemen compete in a centuries-old celebration as participants in traditional Sardinian and Spanish costume perform amazing stunts on horseback and drive the horses at full gallop to pierce a suspended star in the ‘sartiglia’ (ring). The more holes are made in the star, the luckier the year ahead will be. (The horse racing picture we use in the brochure and on the website is of this event.)
Just Sardinia helped Mark to get assistance with the filming from the Oristano Tourist Board . You can watch on Sky Sports at the following times and it is also going to be on BBC world and CNBC Europe and in FEI Equestrian World magazine.
Monday May 4th at 8pm on Sky Sports Xtra 30 mins (The latest equestrian news.)
Other Airings:
Mon, 4th, 9:30pm Sky Spts Xtra
Tue, 5th, 12pm Sky Sports HD2
Tue, 5th, 12pm Sky Sports 2