Monday, 22 June 2009

Anyone for Tennis in Sardina?!

"The Forte Village resort in Sardinia makes for an elegant place to practice your tennis - or just relax by the pool" says Janet Street-Porter in the Daily Mail who visited 'sensational Sardinia' to brush up on her strokes, before Wimbledon commences, with Roger Taylor who reached the Wimbledon semi-finals three times in the late Sixties and early Seventies.

She went to Forte Village on Sardinia, where there's a huge tennis complex (as well as football coaching) and to sample the world-famous spa, with its sea water and mineral hot baths (great for soothing aching joints and torn muscles and tendons). The resort, a series of beautifully landscaped bungalows and hotels on a pretty sandy beach, was opened by Charles Forte in 1970, especially to cater to families and sports-orientated guests. There are loads of activities from dawn to dusk for children, and dozens of restaurants and shops.
"The best thing about the resort is that you can be completely private - my room had a little garden, a terrace to lounge on, and they brought tea and fresh fruit, unasked, every day. That's what I call service". It's just 45 minutes from Cagliari, framed by mountains, and extends over hundreds of acres down a gentle slope from the road to the sea. Once you've checked in, you're whisked to your room in an electric buggy. Cars are banned and there are plentiful racks of bikes for children and adults (extra cost).

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