Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Driving to Sardinia

More and more people are asking how to avoid flying to Sardinia, while the low-cost airlines are a great cost effective option they do have there down sides.

Over the last few years Huw & Alison and the family have taken to driving to Sardinia! as well as being less stress full and no silly luggage allowance rules its great fun and a lovely way to see Europe at the same time, arriving by ship early morning on a sunny clear day is an experience not to be missed.

There are many different options, through France and Corsica, the Alps and Northern Italy you can even stop of in Pisa Florence and Rome.This year we are heading to Portsmouth to cross with LD lines to Le Havre and then driving tp Beaune staying the night in a wonderful Auberge, where I’m sure we will have a wonderful dinner and a glass of rose, the next day we’ll head up to the Alps Via Chamonix and Mont Blanc, pass through the tunnel and arrive in Courmayeur for an Italian Lunch high up in Zerrotta in Val Veny right under Monti Bianca, after lunch its just a couple of hours drive to Genoa for a late overnight crossing to Olbia in Sardinia. Just Sardinia can arrange all aspects of a trip like this and give first hand recommendations