Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean revealed by The Daily Mail Online

For those looking for a relaxing getaway, look no further than these mostly unspoiled (and beautiful) beaches including:

Spiaggia Rosa, or 'Pink Beach,' Budelli Island, La Maddalena Archipelago Sardinia 
This otherworldly beach on the island of Budelli owes its name to the colour of its sand, which contains microscopic fragments of coral, seashells and specks of granite.
The beach - and the island, more generally - is part of the Archipelago of La Maddelena National Marine Park and unfortunately, tourists can no longer access the shore.  However, it can still be admired by boat from the sea. 

There are boat trips out to the Maddalena islands from most of the ports along the north east coast of Sardinia.

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