Thursday, 5 November 2015

GINO D’Acampo Italian Escape: Culinary journey in Sardinia and Sicily Friday 6th November 8pm ITV

Gino’s Italian Escape, Friday 6th November 8pm, ITV : The focus for this six-part run is  'islands in the sun', giving Gino the perfect excuse to spend time in Sardinia and Sicily, showing how the locals live and eat. “Sardinia is my favourite island in the world, and we also visit Sicily where the food is more sweet and sour orientated because of the North African influence…”

Join Gino on his trip to the beautiful islands of Sicily and Sardinia on a journey of discovery of authentic and delicious Italian food.  Delving into the gastronomic history of these islands he will uncover the signature dishes, and secret recipes that encapsulate two of Italy's biggest islands and their people. Don't miss Gino's Italian Escape, Friday 6 November, 8pm on ITV

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