Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Sardinia tops Italian Seaside Awards 2019

Italy famously has 7,600 kilometres of coastline and ten percent of all the Blue Flag beaches in the world. And now a new survey has picked out the the very best seaside resort areas for 2019 and Sardinia came out top as the part of Italy with the highest number of highly-ranked beaches:

The island of Sardinia is famous for having the kind of brilliant white sandy beaches and warm turquoise waters you might expect to find in the Caribbean, so it's no surprise that many parts of the island scored highly in the ranking.

Seven of the island's coastal resort areas were recognised, with the highest rankings going to the region of Posada, which is just below Olbia, and the coastline around Baunei in the eastern region of Nuoro. The entire coastline north and south of here is dotted with tiny cale, or coves, which frequently appear at the top of “best beaches” lists.

To the north there's also the Gallura area, and possibly the most famous beach mentioned on the list was Chia, in the southern area of Domus De Maria.

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